Rhode Island: It's All in Our Backyard

Green Airport is taking flight

September 9, 2014 by chris

With national rankings that put T.F. Green among America’s top airports, a runway expansion on tap and a new agreement that will bring international flights next year, Green Airport is really taking off. RI Airport Corporation CEO Kelly Fredericks talks with pride about the facility’s future.

“I love the smallness. I think it is a competitive advantage. I’ve never had such access as an airport executive to the decision-makers, the business community, our elected officials, and I’ve never seen so much importance put on aviation and its economic impact to the state,” he says. “I really look at Rhode Island as, in many respects, a clean canvas that is going to have great things painted on it in the future.”

Fredericks points out that “Travel + Leisure” magazine named Green the nation’s 4th-best airport  in 2013. And national travel researcher Hopper says Rhode Islanders are getting the second-best deals on airfare in the nation. Hear more from Fredericks about Green’s potential in this video from our digital reporter Connie Grosch.