Rhode Island: It's All in Our Backyard

Setting sail for success

June 5, 2014 by chris

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Jason Kelly is proud to call Moran Shipping Agencies the largest independent steamship company in North America. From humble beginnings in Providence in 1937, the company now has 20 full-service offices directly serving more than 100 ports in North America.

“Our job is to work for the ship owner to ensure his or ship comes in a quick, cost effective and secure way. So in essence we’re the general contractor for the port of call,” explains Kelly, the company’s executive vice president.

While Moran’s core work is still cargo, the company is making significant advances in IT, communications, voyage accounting and helping shipping companies meet new United Nations standards in security. And the company is still bullish on the Ocean State.

“We have 400 miles of coastline. We have some of the greatest universities in the world. And some of the greatest marine-related industries,” Kelly says. “Rhode Island is the birthplace of the American industrial revolution. When you look at that it was all about innovation, entrepreneurial creativity and economic transformative power. I believe we truly are at the dawn of a new industrial revolution but based in the ocean domain.”

Moran’s long history is one of its competitive advantages. Its managers average over 20 years with the company and the team includes Captains, Mariners, former and active Coast Guard, ship operators, charterers, brokers and inspectors, as well as vetting and maritime security experts.

“Most importantly throughout our 75 years, however, is the partnership we’ve formed with each principal during each vessel call. Our people are our strength,” says Kelly.