Rhode Island: It's All in Our Backyard

Rhody flies high in national ranking

March 28, 2014 by lauren

green airportRhode Islanders are getting the second-best deals on airfare in the nation, says national travel researchers Hopper. With average ticket prices coming in at $274, Rhody trails just Delaware in the national ranking.

Hopper took a look at how much it costs to fly depending on where you live. Not only does Rhody have the second-lowest ticket prices, but flyers in 11 states including Mississippi, North Dakota and Oklahoma pay an average of at least $100 more per ticket than Rhode Islanders.

Density of demand, distance of the flight and competition are three key factors that affect the price to fly in and out of each state, according to Hopper. Rhody’s relatively high household income was a game-changer. States with higher median incomes tend to have a higher effective “density of demand,” all other things being equal. States with lower median household incomes do not attract as many carriers, Hopper says. Less competition means fewer airline choices and a higher average number of stops between origin and destination, since there are direct flights to fewer locations.