Rhode Island: It's All in Our Backyard

Fostering civic responsibility in Our Backyard

October 1, 2013 by lauren

Emily Flower of Generation Citizen tells us about her organization’s progress:

“Since 2008, Rhode Island students have been choosing issues in their communities they want to tackle, developing strategic plans, and taking real action to accomplish community change. Generation Citizen, a Rhode Island nonprofit receiving generous funding from the Rhode Island Foundation, is supporting these students as they explore what it means to be a change maker in their communities and take ownership of their Rhode Island backyard.

Our students undertake action projects to learn about how their communities work and how to create change in their Rhode Island backyard. Student projects focus on developing community assets, like a local school or community members, to be points of Rhode Island pride. Providence middle and high school students showcase their action projects at the semiannual Civics Day, when student representatives from 48 classrooms across Providence converge on the Rhode Island State House to present their action projects to community decision makers.

Providence high school students at E Cubed Academy successfully lobbied the city to install school crosswalks around their school to improve student safety. Students at Highlander Charter School, frustrated by the amount of vandalism in their neighborhood, organized their community around cleaning up vandalism through a partnership with the City of Providence, educated local residents about the process to report vandalism, and created a competition to report vandalism quickly and accurately. These students are just a few of the over 1500 Generation Citizen students who every year to take responsibility for their Rhode Island backyard.”

Thanks, Emily and Generation Citizen students, for your work to make Rhode Island better. We hope you will stay involved!